At Iris we think privacy is important. We want you to know and understand how we handle your data, and to feel certain that it will not be misused.We will try to explain to you how we gather, use, analyse and share your data.

Sharing data

We don't sell your personal data with any third-party services. We don't actively share your data with any third parties.

We do use Google analytics and they track your IP address and cookie. By using this information Google and others can build profiles on you, without us sharing anything directly with Google. If you want to opt-out from Google analytics you can do this here.

Iris gets your information through the Slack APIs, widgets, buttons, and services. By using SEO bot you agree to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, and disclosure of data from you and your team. You are responsible for your teams use of the bot.

Your data can be stored and processed within EU and the United States. Although Iris is an European company we cannot guarantee that no data will not be stored in the United States.

Storing and Processing Information

The Slack API shares you and your team members’ information, such as your username, name, timezone, and profile pictures with Iris.

Any information that you share with SEO bot during the on-boarding and use will be saved and processed by Iris. Storage and processing of data is on Amazon Web Services.

All payments are handled through a third-party service. Iris does not store your credit card information.

As most sites, SEO bot use cookies to improve your user experience. We do not share any information about your use to third party services.

If we later want to use your information for anything besides improving the service for you we will ask for your explicit consent.

If you want to delete your account and data, please contact us at

July 2017